Friday, September 11, 2009


I wrote the following eight years ago immediately after the horrific attacks of September 11, 2001. I thought It may be appropriate to share them today on the 8th Anniversary.

Terrified, our eyes can not believe the horror
Yet we can not take them from the screen.
Terror, fear, compassion, anger, and shock all run through our soul at once.
We watch with disbelief, and we tremble, yet still we watch

First the collisions, then the collapses, the flames, the screams, the shear horror
Then the questions and the gambit of emotions.
How can this be happening? What will happen next?
Who could do this? Why? What does this all mean?

Thousands of innocents just going about their lives
Doing their jobs, traveling, enjoying a coffee break
Doing that which Americans do everyday
Completely unsuspecting, totally without guilt or blame.

Suddenly nothing is the same. Lives ended, lives changed.
Children have lost their mothers and fathers; parents can't find their kids
People weep as they search for their fallen loved ones and for answers
The country stands still, yet the country stands together.

We watch as the stories of horror begin to slowly yeild to new tales.
Our nations mettle is tested like never before and new heroes emerge
The valiant firefighters, the police officers and the helpful stranger.
The citizen passengers that took charge and saved so many other lives

Suddenly trivial matters are seen as just that and differences are quickly forgotten
We unite, all seeking to understand, all seeking to heal, all seeking to give aid
This is the spirit which makes us great. The acts of selflessness are too numerous to count
We mourn for the victims, we revere our heroes, we fear the uncertian and we are mad as hell

Politics, leisure, bickering, all put on hold
Never before have we known fear and uncertianty that compares to this
We can't begin to grasp the mindset of the maniacs who could do perpetrate these acts
How could anyone cuddle so closely with evil and rationalize such atrocities

Do not doubt the strength, the fortitude, or the steel of our nation's soul
There is no question decisive responses will be made against the cowardly evil
Our country has heart, our citizens are brave and caring and will not cower
We weep, we light candles, we donate money, we give blood, we pray, we stand strong

It is the freedom we enjoy and take for granted that makes us vulnerable
It is our world leadership that makes us a target or terrorisms' rage
it is our liberty and our values that are truly under attack
It is these same values plus our strength, our will, and our heart that will see us through

There is no doubt the world will change, it is certian our country will never be the same
The world will rally and those responsible will be dealt with, but things have changed
We have been attacked and victimized on our own soil, the wounds run deep.
The physical wounds will heal; the fallen will be remembered, and the heroes will be honored.

We will move past our insecurities, we will not cower in fear, we will resume our lives
We will return tosporting events, plays, and concerts; we will live as Americans!
Make no mistake America will not only survive we wll continue to thrive
We will continue to lead the world to promote freedom, humanity and decency.

The Freedoms which were attacked and which appear to have made us vulnerable
Are the same freedoms that have been our strength and has propelled us to greatness.
It is the same freedom in the hearts of of our citizens which have been on display
These same freedoms must be tresured and promoted, to ensure our greatness never ends

America has long been the beacon of freedom and liberty shining brightly for the world to see.
This light can not be extinguished by the unspeakable maniacal acts of fanatics
Though it may be hidden by the fog of our day to day lives
The beacon of hope and freedom burns in the heart and soul of every citizen of this land.

We watched the images of the terroprists with no regard for humanity level our buildings.
We took a blow to our spirit and our banner waved at half-mast as millions suffered
We are America!, we will rebuild both our buildings and our spirit our flag will be raised again
It will continue to wave high over the greatest and strongest country in the world

I will chose to let this stand on it's on with no additional commentary for now.