Tuesday, October 26, 2010


As most know I started the Insanity Workout program about 7 weeks ago. It is a very rigorous program that consists of a lot of intense cardio exercises with some plyometrics, resistance training mixed in just for fun. The workout consists of several DVDs and a schedule of when to use each one.

The workouts themselves are grueling and leave you out of breath and in a puddle of your on sweat. They are also quite rewarding as you feel a major sense of accomplishment for keeping up with the trainers and trainees on your screen.
The other grueling part about the workout is that it is six days per week and your body sometimes struggles to recover; especially when you are closer to 40 than you are to 20. The strength and stamina it takes to complete the workouts each day must be matched by the discipline it takes to actually do the workout EVERY day.

When I first began the program I thought there was no way I could complete some of these exercises, but gradually I got stronger and I worked very hard and I improved my performance in every workout. After the first few exercises I added a protein powder which included BCAA to my daily regimen.

My confidence was increasing daily and the little comments from my wife about the changes in my body were just that much more motivating…

Then it happened. I am not sure exactly what it was but as I was completing my last workout of my first month of Insanity I felt this very intense tingle run down my arm. I tried to keep going but with all the jumping and moving that you have to do for this program the tingle just kept getting more and more intense. I stopped and I consulted with a Chiropractor and a physical therapist and took off two weeks full weeks for rest. The 3rd week I begin doing some light exercises and eventually worked my way back to doing the “lighter” Insanity workouts. Had I not had this set back I would be only 2 weeks away from finishing this program.

I am taking my weight loss journey very seriously and in fact I have now begun to think of it more as a quest than a journey. I am very driven to succeed in this quest and I will not be defeated by this injury or this workout.

I am committed to completing this program. I am starting over from the beginning and I will go hard for the next 60 days. I will update everyone on my progress from time to time, and you can be assured of one thing, I will not be defeated and I can not quit.

With all of that being said… Insanity I am ready for my rematch! Bring i