Sunday, January 29, 2012

7 Miles After Beer Fest

So, if you have ever taken the time to read the About E section on here, you know I am a beer snob. This is not a topic I post about often, but it sort of ties in to today's run.

Last night was the 2nd annual Top of Hops Beer Festival, which as  a beer snob I am required to attend. If you have ever had the joy of attending a beer festival it is amazing. You pay one price to get in and are given a small "sampling mug" and you get to taste craft beers from all over the world. I had a blast and even though we skipped several tables offering more common beers you can find anywhere we still wound up sampling somewhere north of 50 different beers. If you are good with math I drank more than 100 ounces of various beers. That is some where in the neighborhood of 8 to 10 regular sized beers and we completed all of this in a 3 hour window.

I said I was a beer snob, but I am not typically a heavy drinker, 1 to 2 in a night every other week or so is about my limit. So to say the least I was feeling no pain last night, and a good bit of pain this morning. This is the one time each year that I "allow" myself to let loose a little. Over indulgence can lead to addiction and we don't want to go there. Did I mention I had a lovely driver last night? My wife was the "DD" for myself and two friends after the festival.

A goal I have not put out there for everyone yet is that I plan to run my first half marathon(13.1 miles) in New Orleans March 4 and I am trying to follow a strict schedule to get ready. Today's schedule called for 7 miles which is one of the longest runs I have ever completed, and seemed even more daunting with the way I felt; ok I will say it, I had a little bit of a hangover.

After much delay I finally drug my self outside to start my 7 miles, and for some stupid reason I chose a new route, which was quite a bit hillier than my normal route.My body took some time adjusting and I wasn't sure I was going to make it.

Mile 1 struggling " I should have skipped today and slept off last night"
Mile 2  "Feeling a little better, but still not so sure this was a good idea"
Mile 3 "You know my pace really isn't that far off"
Mile 4 "This isn't so bad after all"
Mile 5 " I Got This!" finally starting to feel really good
Mile 6 " Pace has quickened, finish strong"
Mile 7 " OH YEAH!!!"


miPace (min/mi)Elevation (ft)

The great thing was after I got through I felt tired and even exhausted, but I no longer felt the effects from the previous evening, mostly I felt exhilarated and this amazing sense of accomplishment!

I will have to be more careful with scheduling conflicts next time beer fest rolls into town, but all things considered, what an amazing run!

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