Tuesday, May 3, 2011

1699 Race to Discovery

Amidst all the moving and the stress of packing and unpacking my fitness goals have taken a back seat. For the last couple of weeks I have not exercised like I want to and I have eaten more than I should. With all that said I took a few minutes aways from moving this Saturday morning to participate in the 1699 Race to Discovery in Ocean Springs. This was my the 3rd time I had run a 5k and this was one I had been looking forward to. This is this first race I have competed in that took place along the beach and on the Ocean Springs Biloxi Bridge. It was also the first race that  my 8 year old Molly has been able to participate in (there was a one mile fun run for the children).

We registered before we knew we were moving and I spent a lot of time training Molly. She was way too excited for us to cancel. I also thought we could use a little bit of a stress relief from moving. Although adding the race to the lifting and moving meant I would be extra tired that evening.

Starting Strong
It was a beautiful morning for a race; a little windy, but otherwise beautiful. This is the first time that I have gotten to a race and known several of the participants before hand. My Uncle and cousin raced as did a group from our church. This made things even more fun. After getting there early and hanging out with our friends and family we were  led in stretching exercises and then led to the starting area for the race.

Struggling to the Finish Line
I did not get a chance to start RunKeeper or Pandora on my phone as the gun fired a little more abruptly than I expected and I was off. I felt great for the first mile or so, I was even cracking jokes with the young lady I was running next to and keeping pace with. A little past the one mile mark we hit the bridge and the steep part of the bridge at that. my pace slowed dramatically, but I kept going. Finally we completed the part of the race that involved the bridge and we were running in front of the beach and I was having to pull from all my reserves to keep going. Fortunately another runner came behind me as I was struggling; and I don't know if she was trying to motivate me or herself, but I start hearing her saying " come on we are almost there" "Just keep running" and that is what I did.

As I crossed the finish line the timer showed a new personal record for me at 24:47. Now there was some discussion as to whether or not the distance on this course was accurate as many people seemed to be setting new personal bests. Regardless I was proud of my time and my persevering.

Go Molly Go!
I was even prouder of Molly who said her only goal was to "not finish last". Not only did she not finish last she  finished her mile in 7:50. A remarkable time for an 8 year old running her first race. Even more importantly she had a great time and said she wanted to do it again.

 After the race we enjoyed some excellent BBQ and some Gatorade. I passed on the adult beverage since I had a long day ahead of me.

Congratulations to Greg, Gavin and the entire Cross Family for taking home medals... I am proud of you all. Next time I will get one too...

Glad I took the time out from moving to run this race it was a great time.

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