Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mississippi, Crystal Meth, and My Headache!

Last night as I began to prepare for bed I had gotten a little bit of a runny nose and that I had sneezed a few times. Certainly not a huge deal, it is spring there are things blooming.. Unfortunately when I woke up this morning i felt like death. My head felt 2 sizes too small to contain all the stuffiness and my allergies were running haywire.

I was afraid of this, the allergies took the time while I was asleep to launch a full scale assault and bombard my sinus cavities with congestion. Sine we had just moved, I couldn't find any of my favorite allergy medicine or any thing for a sinus headache. I did take 2 Benadryl and hoped that knocking out the allergies would make me feel better, and too an extent it did. I was still left with a brutal sinus headache. Nothing Knocks out a sinus headache quite like Tylenol Sinus!

Sounds like a pretty easy fix... right? Not so much...

After finishing my morning walk/run with Copper, more on that in a later post, I made a quick trip to the closest grocery store to pick up a few things. I walked down the Aisle with all the medicine and no matter how hard I looked I did not see Tylenol Sinus or any other suitable alternative. I thought to my self " well that's odd" I wasn't too concerned though because there was a Rite Aid just across the street and surely they will have my old friend on their shelf.

After an exhaustive search i finally gave in and asked the pharmacist " Excuse me sir, I have a raging sinus headache and I can't seem to find any medicine, can you help me out?"

Imagine my surprise when the pharmacist told me "Mississippi has passed a law declaring all the good sinus medicine to be class 3 drugs that can no longer be purchased without a perscription."


The Mississippi House has approved a bill to require a doctor's prescription to purchase cold medicine containing pseudoephedrine, a key ingredient in the illegal drug methamphetamine.
The measure was passed 105-15 after lengthy debate that included some lawmakers discussing how the escalating meth problem had impacted their families.
Under the bill, consumers would need a doctor's prescription to buy Sudafed and other medicine containing pseudoephedrine, a decongestant.
Supporters say the measure will curtail meth production by limiting accessibility to the main ingredient.
Opponents have said the change would be burdensome. They also contend that meth addicts will simply travel across state lines to buy the cold medicine.

This is from an article that ran in January. Apparently Mississippi along with Oregon have decided  that to keep idiots from making Crystal Meth they are going to punish the rest of us by not allowing us to purchase the products that will give us the relief we so desperately need.

I have now been suffering for several hours with one of the worst sinus headaches I have ever had, I am miserable and everyone around me is miserable all because a bunch of idiots want to mix a bunch of poison together in their bathtubs. The true meth heads are usually quite easy to identify from their pocked marked faces their jittery behavior,and their swollen eyes to the look in their face that just says I" I have given up" can't we please do something with these people when we see them and allow those of us who just need a little relief to by some Tylenol!

I do understand Meth is a problem in many parts of Mississippi, especially the more rural parts. I also understand that when a similar measure [passed in Oregon that the seizures of meth labs went down 96%. The things I have a problem with is, for me to get the decongestant that I truly need I have to schedule a doctor appointment ($25 through insurance) obtain a prescription ($15 or more through insurance) all for a $4 box of Tylenol. Plus I have to suffer through till I can go see a doctor... or go to the Emergency room with a headache...

There must be a better way!

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