Sunday, June 19, 2011

Library Update

About 3 weeks ago i posted a blog about a trip to the local library. Yesterday I returned. I wanted to take a moment and give a brief update on the books I am returning and a quick snapshot of what I am reading now. Here is a link to the original post.

As far as a recap goes:

 American Assassin by Vince Flynn was exactly what I hoped it would be. it was a fast paced thriller that I could hardly put down I had it finished in about 4 days. I love his main Character Mitch Rapp and I can't wait for the next adventure.

Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis offered much more depth and it was a fantastic read. I found myself many times wishing I owned the book so I could make notes in it. This is a book I can guarantee I will make reference to many times in the future and will likely even post a full report on sometime in the future.   If you are a Christian and need help explaining exactly what we believe or if you are a non Christian who wants to better understand the Christian belief system this is a great resource.

As you may recall the other book I had checked out was The Complete Triathlon Book a book to use as I continue to prepare for my upcoming adventure. This book has been helpful so far and I decided to keep it checked out for a while longer.

On to yesterday's trip... This time I took Molly with me, she loves to read! Who Knew that the Library has a Wii game system and that you can stay there and play it! I didn'y but I had a great time getting beat at tennis by Molly before I beat her at boxing! After we played Wii, we each picked out a few books. Here is what I am reading:

No one writes crime dramas quite like Elmore Leonard. He has offered such books as Get Shorty and Jackie brown and always has a unique take on the criminal. This book is supposed to be about priest in Rwanda after the genocide who has a secret past. This is the first one I am cracking open and I am very excited to see what kind of web Elmore will weave.

The author of The Godfather in his last novel before his death explores organized crime from fifteenth century Rome.  I have read a few novels by Puzo and I thought this one would be worth a try. I am not real sure about the  story, but so far Puzo has not disappointed.

This book is a recommendation from my pastor. The is supposed to be an in depth look at the real person of Jesus described in The Bible. This book is suppose to show a biblical representation of Jesus who is very different from what society see Jesus as today and also different from the Jesus we learned about in Sunday School.   This book has very favorable reviews by some people I respect and with a referral from Dustin I am excited about digging into it!

I am looking forward to spending any down time I find reading these new books. Hopefully in 3 weeks I will be giving my thoughts on these books and letting you know what I am reading next.

Thanks as always for anyone who may be following....

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