Saturday, April 23, 2016

Late, Thirsty and Mad. A Great Day!

Never let someone else or any event define your attitude for you.  

Today could have taken an ugly turn early,  thankfully it didn't. 

Left the house headed to Southern Miss spring football game around 9:30 this morning.  The Gator,  The Bear,  and My Favorite all wanted breakfast.  In an effort to be as expedient as possible we decided to go through a drive thru.  

Patience not being my strong suit,  I did not stop at the Golden Arches  when I saw a line around the building,  instead we went across the street to Sonic.  We placed our order at 9:40, nothing complicated.  I paid at the fancy sign with my debit card and we waited , I won't claim patiently.  We watched some boy scouts play in water while their patents washed cars and we talked about how excited we were for our day.  Finally at 9:54 the car hop arrived with almost all of our order.  

Allegedly my coffee was still brewing.  You would think that's kind of an important thing to have at breakfast and since it had already been 14 minutes they would have had ample time to prepare it.  I was polite and agreed to wait... I like coffee and people like me better with coffee. 

Finally, after I had to push the red button 2 more times a different car hop arrived with my coffee, a very half hearted apology, and a coupon card.  It was now 10:02, and I was not thrilled.  I was almost sent over the edge when I took my first sip of nature's finest beverage. It was barely warm! After 22 minutes these people bring me cold coffee! I was honestly too mad to complain,  I was madder  than I should have been. 

22 minutes is a very long time to wait,  especially for a completely unsatisfactory experience.  Now we were running late, I was thirsty,  I have had no coffee,  and I was mad.  

We gave serious consideration to not making our trip.  I am eternally grateful that we chose to press on. Had we allowed the service failure to dictate our attitudes we would have missed one of my favorite days.  

We made it to campus in plenty of time.  We had a good time at the game and an even better time afterward at the little festival.  There was free food,  bounce houses, and games.  

After cruising around for a bit we then had the best time at a new burger joint that opened not long ago. I could spend another 1000 words on how much I liked this place but will spare you.  However, if you find yourself in Hattiesburg, MS do yourself a favor and have a meal at Ed's Burger Joint.   

Despite the early set back I had an amazing day with three of my favorite people!

Never let something or someone else determine what type of day you will have. 

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