Saturday, April 30, 2016

Watching Puddles Gather Rain.

I find myself standing here by myself typing this blog on my phone while I watch puddles gather rain.  This is not how today was supposed to go.  

I am not frustrated, I am instead reminded of the old tried and true adage; if you fail to plan,  you plan to fail.

I had a lot of things I wanted to do today.  I wanted to wake up early,  run a few miles,  hit the gym,  cook a delicious omelette for breakfast,  work on tomorrow's bible study,  watch the NFL draft,  do some yard work,  and take my teenage daughter to her first prom.

I said I wanted to do all those things; what I didn't do was plan to do those things. I didn't check to see if I had clean running clothes, I didn't make sure we had all the ingredients for my omelette, I didn't check the weather, and I didn't make sure I was registered to take my daughter to her prom on the air force base.

Because I failed to plan for the day, I had to postpone my run and my trip to the gym because I didn't have clean clothes. . I didn't get to make my omelette because we didn't have the proper ingredients. I didn't do any yard work because it rained, My coverage of the draft was interrupted because i was making up for my missed run. And I am standing here watching it rain while My Favorite is taking pictures and gushing over my daughter because I am not registered to get on base. 

So, today's little reminder to me; It's great to have goals to accomplish but if you don't make take the proper steps in the planning stage; you won't accomplish the things you want to. 

By the way she was beautiful, but growing up too fast. More on that next week. 

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