Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Too Hot To Run

I took this picture as I was leaving work to head for my somewhat regular bridge run. It had been a couple of weeks since I had ran across the bridge and I was looking forward to it. Will couldn't make it so I was on my own facing my nemesis the bridge and the wicked heat.

I thought I had done a good job of hydrating myself. I knew it was hot and I hoped I was ready.

Runs are funny things, sometimes if you can get past the aches and desire to quit that you feel in the first quarter mile you can feel pretty great in later miles. That's what I was hoping for as my knee and my mind both tried to convince me to stop before I even got to the second marker.

I would not be deterred though and I actually completed the first mile, which is a significant incline in less than 9 minutes. I was feeling good. Mile two was good as well but I was starting to feel a little bit of cramping in my side.

My third mile was horrible the cramps got worse and worse and I wound up walking more than I ran. I tried a few breathing exercises and a few stretches but I was done.

This was the worst case of cramps I have ever had and they didn't let up until I was home had consumed almost a gallon of water and laid semi supine on my floor.

Maybe the little number on my mirror should have been a sign that it might have been tip hot to run
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