Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wasted Day

Just yesterday afternoon I was marveling at all the things I needed to get done today. My lawn had gotten out of control, my laundry needed to be caught up,we need new filter for the A/C, those pesky bushes around the A/C needed to be trimmed back as well, our fall kickoff for our homeschool group in the afternoon, and it would be kind of nice to get a bike ride in. Of course none of this was going to get done if I chose to go to Hattiesburg for a "guys weekend". As much fun as the "guys weekend" sounded, I decided to save the money and try to get some things done around the house.

The day started productive enough, by 7am I was already out side with the mower running reclaiming the lawn from the weeds, I also got the overgrowth handled around the A/C unit. The wife had a coupon cl\ass to teach so, I found a good stopping point and came in the house for a shower around 8. That was the last productive thing I did all day.

Something in the yard has really messed with my allergies, I have felt like my eyes have been on fire all day long. my nose has been running like a faucet and I have had an unbelievable headache. I took a second shower allowing the water to wash over my face repeatedly and took some Benadryl and some eye drops.

About noon the wife came home from her class, I was laying on the sofa covered up with a rag in one hand and the other hand covering my eyes (It hurt to actually close them, but the light bothered them as well). It was at this time I took my first nap. An hour or so later I was feeling a little better but still miserable, so I took some Zyrtec and  had some more eye drops. It was around 4:30 when I took my second nap. So, now as I look at the clock it is almost 7pm, my eyes are still irritated, but not as bad as earlier, and I think I could probably call it a night any minute.  Guess my day wasn't  as busy as I anticipated.

I have cut grass many times in my life, I have never had it ruin my entire day and make me feel this miseable. Oh well, Tomorrow is another day...

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