Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Counting Mile Markers

You know how when you take a long road trip and you start watching the mile signs for your destination you begin to get excited about certain significant markers. When you are only 50 Miles away you begin to get a little excited. When you get inside of 25 Miles from your destination it feels like you are almost there. IT gets to the point that you excitedly start counting every mile marker you pass knowing you are getting ever so close...

I posted a couple of days ago thanking every one for all their support, I would not have made it this far on my weight loss journey with out the support and accountability from all my friends. Today When I stepped on the scale I passed a very significant mile marker.

Today I feel like I am almost there... I have only 24 pounds left to lose... that's right 
I have lost 76 pounds. 

Please don't mistake this for bragging I still have a long way left to go... If I stop the journey now I will never reach my destination, but passing 75 pounds just feels so very significant to me. 24 More pounds to go... Stay with me just a little ways longer the journey is getting closer to a successful completion... just keep counting the mile markers... Only 24 more to count!!!


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