Tuesday, September 7, 2010

INSANITY day 2 (sort of)

I must first start today with a confession, I have borrowed my Insanity DVDs from my brother who has been through the series multiple times and leads a fitness class in the Air Force. I was honestly afraid I couldn't do the exercises and didn't want to spend the $ to have some disks taking up space. 

I confess that to say this, today I got up to complete Day 2 Of Insanity only to discover I did not have Disk 2 Plyometric Cardio Circuit. As much as I hate to get out of sequence I thought it would be even worse to put off the exercise so I decided to go to day 3 Cardio Power & Resistance.

I knew after Yesterday's fit test I was in for a battle this morning, but I was looking forward to it. This workout was crazy. 

You start out with a "warm up" that is harder than some exercise routines I have tried. After about 10 minutes of dripping with sweat and starting to breath hard you realize you are just getting started as you move into stretching. After the stretching Shaun is gracious enough to give us a 30 second break before beginning the first phase. Let me say this Shaun T is a great exercise leader as he is always encouraging and coaching, yet at the same time he makes you want to "dig deeper"

Phase 1 just about wiped me out. Phase 1 was 4 exercises the included Power Jumps, Hit The Floors. V-Push ups & belt Kicks. After 30 seconds of each one back to back we get a 30 second water break we repeat the process 3 times. 

At this point I was looking for somewhere to hide, but Shaun T Kept pushing me and I know if I don't push myself I won't achieve the results I desire. So I moved on to Phase 2... not sure I really wanted to I was pretty gassed at this point...

Phase 2 of the exercises includes Hurdle Jumps, Globe Jumps, Moving Push-ups (yes Moving Push-ups!), and Floor Sprints  The people at Fitness Destination describe this phase:

 "The jump movements are as hard as they sound, Moving Push-ups make an already awesome exercise even more difficult, and by the time you get to Floor Sprints, it’s more like “floor walks,” because you can barely even hold yourself up off the floor, let alone do any actual sprinting"

I felt that was a pretty accurate description.. after repeating 3 times like we did in Phase 1 Shaun tells us we have one exercise to go, what he doesn't tell you is that the one exercise to go may kill you...we conclude our routine with 3 sets of 8 hop squats followed immediately by eight push ups... as I lumbered through the final stretches and tried to catch my breath and wait for my heart rate to return to something resembling normal I was somewhat proud I made it through this day... it was intense... but I am actually looking forward to tomorrow... maybe...

That wraps up day 2... only 58 more days!!

Does it work? Ask me in 2 weeks when i do my next fit test or let's see what the results look like as we go....

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