Thursday, September 2, 2010


I am not sure how many of you have heard of the workout program called Insanity but it is a very intense 10 dvd set that is sold by Beach Body the same group that created p90x. Insanity is Similar to P90x but it requires no equipment and requires 60 days not 90.

The workouts are very intense, they focus on cardio and core strength, but every review I have found had absolutely raved about the program. Here is the other thing NO ONE has tried to tell me it is easy. My youngest Brother is in the Air Force and is a fitness nut, he told me Insanity is tremendously hard, but that it made a major difference in his body.

Everyone knows I have been trying to live healthier and trying to reach the 100 pound weight loss goal. Anyone who has followed along also knows I have been stuck in a bit of a rut. with the pounds sticking to me pretty stubbornly. I am hoping the introduction of Insanity into my daily regimen will help me blast the last 26 pounds and help me meet my goal... I secretly would also like to see if I really have any abs...

The way the program works is that on the first day you take a fit test which sets your bench marks for the next 60 days. After the fit test you do a specialized routine each day (six days a week). Every 2 weeks you will do another fit test to gauge your progress.

I received the DVDs in the mail yesterday, and attempted to do my first Fit test this morning. I am proud to say I completed the fit test... and survived. Unfortunately I have decided to "Officially" Start Insanity on Monday so I can more easily follow the calendar that comes with it. I will complete one of the work outs tomorrow just to familiarize myself with some of the moves and exercises.

On Monday I will retake the fitness test and post my results here. I will then begin posting regular updates on the program.

For anyone who is in the very early stages of conditioning their body or just beginning their weight loss journey be careful before you begin an intense program like Insanity.

anyone who would like a video preview of what torture I am about to put myself through can learn more by clicking Insanity or Insanity review or Insanity Video

This is going to be a very hard 60 days but I am committed to this and I hope anyone who has been following me in my journey will continue to support me and will follow along as I go Insane

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