Monday, February 7, 2011

Insanity Day 36 (to the MAX)

WOW! what an exhausting Monday!

I thought the first month of Insanity was intense,  found out this morning I was mistaken. From the time I turned the DVD on I knew I was in for some challenges. First of all the clock was starting at just over 59 minutes and second Shaun T tells me early on that he is going to "kick my butt"; and he was not lying. I want to post a quick review and then I will Post the results of Today's Fit test.

The Workout starts with a warm up, which lasts approximately 10 minutes.  The warm up consists of 3 rounds.   The exercises are:
  • Jog
  • Jumping Jacks – Arms Up (these are a little different as your arms go straight up)
  • 123 Heisman (this is the same as previous warm ups)
  • Jump Rope S-S (like skipping rope from side to side)
  • High Knees – Arms Out
  • Switch Kicks
  • Hit the Floor
  • S-S Floor Hops  (these are interesting, essentially you are lifting your body up and sde to side with your arms)
As I am doing this warm up I remmeber how I felt the very first day. It is amazing to fight through a warm up and wonder whether or not I will actually be able to complete the workout.
At the end of the warm up you get a 3 water break and some good stretching then it is time to get INSANE! At this point in the workout, we have a little more than43 minutes and 30 seconds is the clock. 
Here we go.  Your first set of exercises consists of 3 rounds.  Each round has the same 4 moves.  The first round is 4 minutes.  The second round is 3 minutes.  And the 3rd round is 3 minutes, but at the end of the 3rd round only, you get a 1 minute bonus move.  So it’s more like 4-3-4.  The exercises are:
  • Pedal/Power Lunges (Sprint in place, followed by 4 deep lunges then more sprinting and more lunging).
  • Ski Abs /Jacks/In & Out/Oblique ( Start in plank position, jump side to side for ski abs, then push up jacks, jump in and out in plank position, and finally alternating your knees to your elbows for obliques. 4 reps each position this is the definition of BRUTAL).
  • Power Strike (Lunge on the left side, 2 punches downward, lunge right side, 2 punches downward, etc).
  • Frog Jumps
Between each round you get a 30  second water break.  After the 3rd round, you have 1 minute of Football Runs/ Cross Jacks.
The second set of exercises is designed just like the first only with different methods of torture; oops I mean exercises.
  • Hook Jumps. (4 hook punches high, 4 hook punches low, 4 high jumps.  Then you switch sides).
  • High Knees with Twist. (As you run with High Knees, you bring your elbows down on each side).
  • High-Low Jab with Squat.  (Jumping high and punching to the side, punch low as you land in a squat).
  • Floor Switch Kicks. I am not sure how to describe this one... essentially you are holding your body up with your arms while doing switch kicks.. at first these seem imporssible... eventually I did a few.)
Between each round you get a 30 second water break.  After the 3rd round, you have 1 minute of 1-2-3 Jab Across (Side jumps with a punch to each side).
The final set of exercises.  (YEAH!)  Just like the first 2...3 rounds, 4 more INSANE moves...
  • Side Suicide Jumps. (From standing position, place your hands on the floor, jump to the left side.  Stand up, repeat on the right).
  • Squat Hooks. (Squat and hook punch, alternating hands).
  • Full Body Drill. (From standing position, drop to the plank position, run in place 8 times, walking push ups, then 8 wide knee, running in place. Full Body drills is an accurate name there is not a muscle in my body that doesn't feel this move.)
  • Plank Punches.  (In a plank position, alternating hands, punch straight out).
As I lay helplessly in a heap soaked in sweat I realize this may have been the most difficult, most intense workout I have ever done...but I did it... As I went through the day, My body ached, and my mind was a bit cloudy. The great thing was none of the soreness or the cloudiness could overcome the sense of accomplishment I felt. 
The other significant event that happened today was I had my 3rd Fit test. I was pleased with most of my results. There were 2 exercises I didn't see any improvement in and that is a little disappointing, but the gains were so good in other areas i am still thrilled.. here are the results: 
Exercise                        Day 1           Day 15     Day 36
1. Switch Kicks                  74               100          112
2 Power Jacks                    45                 58          58
3. Power Knees                  54                 62           69
4. Power Jumps                  35                 42           46
5. Globe Jumps                   11                12           12
6. Suicide Jumps                 20                21           23
7. Push-Up Jacks                25                31           36
8. Low Plank Obliques        45                 56           60
What a crazy day... looks like I have a long crazy month ahead of me. I have to fins 30 minutes tomorrow morning for a run and tomorrow evening I have to another new MAX exercise to endure... I mean conquer.
As always thanks for following along. I will hopefully post some RunKeeper results tomorrow!

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