Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Watch The Swinging Donut

So, as I am at lunch today enjoying my delicious apple pecan salad from Wendy's I hear this amazing advertisement for a world famous weight loss hypnotist who will be in town. Apparently for just $79 this fellow will train a person's mind to make weight loss "fun" and "easy".

My first thought is of the old movies and cartoons of my childhood where the trickster with the waxy mustache swings his pocket watch back and forth and tells his skeptical subject to watch it carefully until he gradually falls into a trance. Once in the trance the hypnotist begins to give commands to the subject and once he awakens every time he hears a whistle he begins to bark like a dog.

I begin to wonder, in hypnosis for weight loss do you watch a swinging donut? Does the hypnotist convince the subject once he awakens that every time he hears the ice cream truck he will run a mile around the block. Or that every time he sees the golden arches he will be filled this incredible urge to eat lettuce. For some reason the subjects after leaving the hypnosis session, find themselves uncontrollably joining gyms and spending hours on the treadmill. A few months later the now skinny people can't explain what happened all they know is they now fit into clothes they haven't worn in years and they never once had to think about a single calorie.

Now I honestly don't know what goes on in a hypnosis session, but I do know that anything that promises to make weight loss fun & easy is probably trying to help you lose the few ounces that may reside inside your wallet.

Weight Loss doesn't have to be a nightmare of deprivation... but there is no easy button it takes genuine effort to change your life.

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