Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So, How did you do it?

I spent the first 4 very long blog posts discussing how I was losing the weight and I will relink those later but for anyone who has not been following since the beginning or is just curious; don't feel bad, this is still the question i get the most often. Everyone seems to expect me to tell them some magic trick or some secret formula that will just melt the fat away. Unfortunately that does not exist... there is no easy button.

If I had to sum up the approach I have taken to make this happen I can do it in 4 words:

Eat Less, Move More!

That one sentence is so very simple yet it encompasses so much all at once.

In my situation knowing myself as well as I do I developed a program for myself called "The 3 Fundamental Truths of Weight Loss". These 3 truths have been my foundation throughout this entire journey. Below are the three truths if you click on truth it will take you back to the original blog that explained  the truth in detail

The Thee Fundamental truths of Weight Loss

Goals & Accountability

Do Not Deprive Yourself

It is all about CALORIES

I hope anyone reading will take some time to read over my plan and I hope it may benefit someone.

Also, here are some Tips & Tricks that helped me along the way.

As always thanks to anyone who may be reading and thanks for your support I could not have done it without the support and accountability from everyone

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  1. Eric, your blog is exactly what I'm trying to do. You are an inspiration my friend. Best of luck.