Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week in Review 2/20

As I do each week I like to take some time to reflect on the week that has just passed and also set some goals for the week that is about to start. As with any week there were certainly some ups and some downs.

To start with I was hoping to have 3 good runs this week and that simply did not happen.I was also hoping to continue top improve with Insanity and I feel very upbeat that I did make progress in this regard.

As far as the progress for Insanity goes, the workouts are becoming a little more manageable for me and I feel I am taking less and less breaks. I have been using my heart rate monitor and I am amazed at how many calories I am burning with each workout. As an example of this progress, on Monday I completed The Insanity workout Max Cardio Conditioning and it was brutal, but I made it through and I felt better about it than I did the previous week. (I did a full review of this workout on Tuesday's Blog.) I had to complete the same workout again on Friday this time following it up with Cardio Abs. Not only do I feel I performed the workout better on Friday, but I was also able to complete the Ab workout afterward something I would not have been able to do last week.

On Tuesday when I got up for my first scheduled run I spent the time instead looking for my lost dog; who thankfully showed up later in the day. I am very grateful because not only is he a loyal family pet but also my confidant and my occasional running buddy.

The next day I had scheduled myself to run was Thursday and honestly that may have been the worst run I have had since I began running. From the beginning, I lingered in my bed longer than I should have, then I could not find my ear buds so I had no music. Once I finally did start my run I was having to avoid spots on the track where someone allowed their animal to do his "business".   After only about a 1.5 Miles with limited time I called it a run... probably a good thing as I was keeping a very poor pace.

Saturday finally offered me a chance for redemption for Thursday's poor performance. It also offered me a challenge and an opportunity to see what kind of progress I was making. The Picture above is the Biloxi/Ocean Springs Bridge The 1.7 Mile structure that connects the two lovely coastal cities. AS you can tell it has a steep incline but it also has a beautiful view and a great running/walking lane that many love to take advantage of.  A few weeks ago I tried to run this bridge and 48 Minues and a lot of walking later I learned I was not ready. Yesterday, I completed the entire 3.5 Miles with very little walking in right at 35 minutes. I was under 10 minutes per mile until the end. I was proud of myself and relieved by my progress. This run might have been the first time I have felt "runners high". It was also gave me some encouragement headed into next weeks race.

Another notable event this week was on Wednesday when I taped an Interview with the local TV station regarding my weight loss. This is scheduled to run Tomorrow during the 6pm News.

Overall it was a good week with good physical progress. I am looking forward to another challenging week to come. I am getting very close to completing 2 more of my 2011 resolutions. Next Saturday will be my first 5k race and I only have 2 weeks left of Insanity.  So with that in mind here is the schedule for the coming week:

Sunday (today) I plan to get in a short run, maybe 2 miles just to keep the engine running

Monday I have my next fit test for Insanity (I will post the results) and I have Max Interval Circuit (I think the hardest workout)

Tuesday I plan to run 3 miles but at a relatively slow pace.
I also have Max Interval Plyo ( I will post a review of this workout this week another monster of a workout).

Wednesday Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs

Thursday I plan to run 2 miles and it is Max Recovery for Insanity (not as easy as it sounds)

Friday Max interval Circuit again

Saturday RACE DAY!!!
Also Core Cardio & Balance.

Should be an interesting week I will certainly pass along how the TV interview Played out as well as how I do on race day and any other noteworthy events that may occur.

As always thanks to anyone who may be following along 

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