Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Ultimate Recovery Drink

I was proud to say I made it through the first month of Insanity without any post workout supplements or shakes. I Was drinking plenty of water eating a lot of protein and taking a multi vitamin and I was doing just fine.

All that changed last week when I begin month 2 and the Max workouts. After completing the first workout I commented to more than one person that only my legs, arms, chest, shoulders, and Abs were hurting, everything else felt fine. I knew based on the way I felt I would be no good at all for day 2 unless I somehow recovered and quickly.  With Insanity you don’t get a couple of days to recover you have another workout the very next day.

At lunch that day I set out to find something to put into my body to help it recover. I went to my local GNC and I looked at all there specialty products many with very high price tags. I read all about the BCAAs and the L-Glutamine, and the proper blend of carbs to proteins and there are some technical scientific things that make my head hurt. Of course I also wanted to be very careful with how many calories I consumed.

The more research I did the more I kept finding one common suggestion and quite frankly it surprised me. Not only did it seem too easy it also seemed to refreshing and too cheap. I could get an entire  weeks supply for only $3.00. I kept reading article after article about how one of the yummiest drinks ever was actually the best post workout drink in the world. Good old Chocolate Milk.

I have posted several of the links below but I was skeptical… very skeptical. 

Since it was a Tuesday and I didn’t get paid until Friday I decided to take a very low risk chance and I picked up a half gallon of the chocolaty goodness thinking to myself well, if it doesn’t work I will have 2 very happy little girls. 

I have drank about 8 ounces of the chocolate milk after my workout for each of the last 8 nights and to my very pleasant surprise I have not experienced any more of the performance robbing fatigue or soreness I did after the first day of the Max routines.

Of course the low fat version is a better choice and the low fat organic version is even better than that but it has been my conclusion to this point that when you consider price taste and performance Chocolate Milk is the Ultimate Recovery Drink!!

There is a lot more research available... But I would recommend giving it a try, really if it doesn't work you are only out $3

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