Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekly Preview 2/6

As I have done each week I want to give an update as to what to expect in the coming days.

This should be an exceptionally challenging week for a couple of reasons. First of all I am only 3 weeks away from my first 5k race and Thanks to the very inclement weather I only managed 1 run last week. Additionally this week I will begin Month 2 of Insanity which is a whole new set of workouts with MAX in the title, so I am quite sure they will be even more rigorous than the ones from month one.

I took a few minutes today to sneak preview some of the workouts, I am actually a little nervous but excited to see if I can handle it. I plan to update the blog a couple of times this week to let everyone know about the new workouts.

Also, my next fit test is scheduled for tomorrow I am excited to see those results. and will post them tomorrow night.

So on tomorrow's schedule I have a fit test and a workout titled Max Interval Circuit.

I have decided to switch my running days to Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday... I made this decision after looking at my Insanity schedule and checking with

I have 2 primary goals this week:
1. To make it through the week in one piece with the new Insanity workouts
2.To make sure I get in 3 runs this week and continue to make progress toward my race

Thanks to everyone who may be following along... Time to go enjoy lots of unhealthy food and hopefully some good football

I will keep everyone updated

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