Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week in review 2/13

What a week it was...

This week was the start of Month 2 of Insanity. Month 2 includes the Max workouts and they are brutal. I thought I was doing pretty good through the first month of Insanity my body was adapting to the workouts and I was performing them a little better each time.  I knew during the warm up on Monday that everything had changed. The new workouts are longer the exercises are different and very challenging I did post a review to the first one Max Interval Circuit and will post additional reviews in the coming days. I have set a new goal for myself with these new exercises.  I wanted to share the below image this is at the end of Max interval circuit. Look at the screen see how it instructs us "don't stop moving" Now look at the carnage laying around the gym...

Insanity - Don't Stop Moving!

For anyone who may not know Insanity focuses on "Max Interval Training" where you go as heard as you can for about 3 minutes then you rest for about 30 seconds. This process is repeated several times over the course of a workout. Shaun T who is the creator of the program and the motivational on screen leader also allows you to take a break if you "need" it. By need Shaun T means if your heart rate gets too high or if your form becomes compromised to stop for a few seconds and then get right back into it. My new goal for the max workouts is to work myself up to where I am only resting during the 30 second rest periods. This will take a while to achieve as I see the fit machines on my TV still taking a rest from time to time.

 Timex T5G971 Unisex Sports personal Heart Rate Monitor WatchFinally got a heart rate monitor (yes that one on the left) so that I can make sure the heart rate is not getting too high but also to make sure I am getting it high enough to be effective. During yesterday's workout for 55 minute workout my Avg BPM (beats per minute) was 140. That is perfect for my target heart rate accrding to The American Heart Association.  I did not pay extra for the monitor with the calorie counter but I did find a very useful tool online that converts the information I entered and tells me that I burned 766 calories. That is a lot of calories burned.

  The runs have not gone as well as I had hoped mostly do to the extremely cold weather. But as you can see on RunKeeper I did finish the week up with a nice 3.09 mile run in just over 30 Minutes. I only have 2 weeks to go before race day and I still have a lot of work to do. I have decided to change my goal for the 5k as well. as some may recall my original goal was to finish the race. I still have work to be able to finish the race without stopping, but I have set a new goal. My goal is I want to complete the race in less than 30 minutes. I know this will still put me in the middle of the pack, but considering this is my first race that won't be too bad.

I won't bore anyone with another post about what to expect next week, instead, I will condense it into a few lines here.

Monday Max Cardio Conditioning
Tuesday Max Interval Circuit
              Run 30 Minutes
Wednesday Max Interval Plyo
Thursday Max Recovery
               Run 35 Minutes
Friday Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs (did we really need an additional workout here?)
Saturday Core Cardio & Balance (a bit of a repreive)
Sunday Run 3.5 Miles

I also plan to write 2 blog this week one about the great recovery drink I have found and one as a review of one of the Insanity workouts.

Thanks to anyone who may be following along

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