Friday, April 22, 2011

The Joy of Black Jelly Beans

I know black jelly beans are one of those candies you either love or you hate there is usually no middle ground. I happen to fall into the camp that lives these tiny licorice sensations. The problem is I can usually only find them in stores one time per year, this makes them extra hard to resist.

The strange thing is as I sit and enjoy a handful with my daughter, who is a bean lover as well, I harken back to so many memories. I remember so many Eaters of my childhood and I think about the picture of Molly from just a few years ago when her face was coveted with black from devouring bean after bean.

It makes me curious, if simple jelly beans can have that much impact into my psyche, how much do we tie food to our emotions and our memories.

I think this emotional tie is one of the things that makes it so difficult for us to cut certain foods from our diet. We must figure out a way to disassociate the emotional aspect from our eating and merely focus on eating the things we should.

That opens a whole other can of worms, if we only eat and do the things they we should but we really don't enjoy life is that a good trade off for the few extra years we may be adding. Essentially are we trading quality to gain quantity....

Just some things to think about as I delight in these magical beans.
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  1. Beans, beans they're good for your.....ha ha ha Molly was pretty cute with her blacked out teeth and drool. So glad Allyson hasn't joined the dark side! Long live non-licorice jelly beans!

  2. YAY for the dark side!!! I LOVE black jelly beans! :)