Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sweet Cherry Relief

So, I think I may have mentioned that my foot has been bothering me. After about a week of discomfort I turned to an old friend.

A few years and a lot of pounds ago I had a few battles with gout. If you are not familiar with gout what you need to know is it hurts. I will post some links later for more education on gout but for now trust me it hurts like heck. The treatment is a whole other torture. The prescription I was given destroyed my digestive system.

It was while I read struggling with gout that I discovered the benefits of black cherries. Black cherries are a natural anti inflammatory. It has also worked wonders for many people like myself who have agonized with gout.

I don't think my recent discomfort was full blown gout it didn't hurt near enough, but I still decided to try my old friend pictured above. I am pleased to report, the cherries did it again.
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  1. My husband suffered from bouts of gout about every three months or so, he never knew what triggered it. My cousin, who is a nurse, recommended he try black cherry juice (we buy Welch's). He now makes it a part of his morning ritual. He downs about six ounces of black cherry juice daily. His gout has never returned, miracle juice!