Friday, April 8, 2011

what did I eat today? 4/8

Today started out innocent enough as I put in a quick 1 mile run this morning and then grabbed one of the Life Cereal Bars
130 Calories

Unfortunately the next series of events did not go as I had hoped. It was my day to bring breakfast to the office and I was hoping to be respectful to those coworkers who are strictly following the Lenten guidelines of having no meat on Friday.

With all that love and respect in my heart I stopped at the local Donut Hut and ordered a box of Mixed. I even assured the lady at the counter and the friend I was speaking to on the phone that these were just for my co-workers... Not for me...

Around 200 Sinful Empty Calories
Unfortunately the Spirit is strong.. but the flesh is weak.. and I enjoyed one of those hot flaky gooey delicous bites of heaven. It was only about 30 minutes before I remembered why I don't allow myself do-nuts very often.. you see wonderful donut is nothing but a temptress. She is sweet and tasty, but the high doesn't last long before you are craving another one.

only 260 calories
I resisted the remainder of the donuts pretty well until Lunch time when i enjoyed a pretty good frozen Spaghetti dinner from Smart Ones. This wasn't too bad for a frozen dinner and only had 260 Calories.

I also enjoyed a nice long walk around Biloxi where I snacked on a Clif Bar and Drank a Vitamin Water. Since i didn't bring a fruit today I ate The Clif bar as I was walking both for nourishment and to hopefully keep me sustained through the afternoon.

Unfortunately, Sometime during the afternoon I was tempted by the Donut box again... this time when I gave in, I used a knife and cut the donut in half.

Of course for me to eat it you have to add
Bacon bits and croutons
Sometimes it is funny how things work out. My worst eating day in a long time also turns out to be the same day my church group meets. The Theme for tonights get together was "Salad Night". If you have ever met me you know I am not much for salads, especially mixed up fruits or things I can't identify... just not my thing... SO I eat a small green salad with a Raspberry Vinaigrette.

I did realize not long after my salad that I was still Hungry so as i sit here and type this I am finishing off my day with a bowl of Frosted Flakes... I love me some Kids Cereal.

Even as Poorly as I probably did in terms of nutrients and even though i gave in to temptation with the Donuts. I still Finished the day right around 1800 calories. That's really not too bad after all

Thanks to everyone who is following along. I Appreciate your support.Don't expect an update tomorrow as I will be out of town for a special event. However I will catch you up in Sunday's Weekly Update.

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