Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What did I eat Today? 4/6

I wake up extra early on Wednesdays as i lead an early morning bible study. It has been a long day but I wanted to check in and see just how i did today on my calorie intake...

Honey Nut Cheerios with Organic Whole Milk ( I didn't exactly Measure) Approximately 350 Calories

Enjoyed a Medium Caramel latte at the Coffee Shop during Bible Study About 220 Calories

Morning Snack:
Clif Bar Oat & Walnut- 240 Calories

SmartOnes Spicy Szechuan Chicken & Vegetables 240 Calories

Medium Naval Orange About 100 Calories

Cajun Chicken Alfredo I don't know exactly how many calories this is my sister in law's recipe... and it is quite good...  If I had to guess based on my serving size I would guess about 600 calories

I also enjoyed a glass of Sweet tea which is roughly 200 Calories

This made my Daily total right at 1950 Calories... Right On Track!

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