Monday, April 11, 2011

Life in a Box


I have previously mentioned this event a couple of times, but I wanted to take an opportunity to expound on what exactly we will be doing, and more importantly why.

“Life in a Box” is an Outreach Project of Mosaic Church designed to bring an awareness of the homeless population we have on our Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Our goal, is for those who participate to experience a small part of what others live out every day, being homeless (having limited shelter, clothes, food, etc.).”

To make this experience tangible, on April 15, all those who participate will spend the entire night in a cardboard box.

For anyone who may be tapping their finger on their desk wondering why the fat dude who lost 100 pounds is talking about homelessness not food and exercise… rest assured, the primary focus of this blog will always be my personal fitness journey, but as I have mentioned my journey toward a healthy lifestyle is not exclusively about physical well being but it also focuses on my journey to be healthier mentally, and spiritually.  I also feel it is far too important that we don’t expend all of our focus on our own journey when there are people who can benefit greatly from our time and energy. Besides, in the current economy how far are any of us from the prospect of homelessness?

So, this Friday evening I, along with my daughter and many other members from my church will be sleeping in a box in our church parking lot with nothing more than a blanket. This isn’t as sheltered as you may think as our church actually meets in a skating rink that is part of a strip mall. In the same strip mall there is a 24 hour fitness facility and a 24 hour drug store. So, we won’t be completely isolated from the world.

Of course the stated goal is to raise awareness, but there is another goal and that is to raise funds to help the homeless population. To that end we are asking anyone who feels led to “sponsor” our boxes. Simply put any size donation equals a sponsorship. All Sponsors will have their name or business logo on our  box.

“All funds raised will go to Back Bay Mission which is located in Biloxi, Mississippi on Division Street.  It is an 87 year old non-profit ministry/agency who serves our community.  They offer programs for the less fortunate that cover laundry services, job placement services, and have birthed at least 10 other ministries on our Gulf Coast (i.e. Loaves and Fishes, Gulf Coast Family Counseling, Harrison County Headstart, etc.).”

If you would be interested in helping out in any way you either by joining us in your own box or by sponsoring ours please contact me. You can email me and simply title the email “Life in a Box” You also can follow this link to learn more.

Thanks as always to anyone who may be following along as always I appreciate your support.

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