Thursday, April 7, 2011

what did I eat today? 4/7

 Today started with a 1.5 mile run which I never really got "into" I just wasn't feeling it. But at least I got a run in. I still need 3.8 miles to complete my goal of 10 miles this week

25 Calories per serving

I tried to make an Egg Beaters omelette, but it fell apart so I had scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon for 250 Calories and a bowl of Quaker Raisin Date & Walnut Oatmeal  for another 140
3 Slices 70 Calories
140 Calories

Total Calories from Breakfast 390

160 Calories

For a Morning Snack I enjoyed some flavored almonds

320 Calories
Lunchtime I tried the Ziti from Smartones.. it was quite good and I enjoyed a Honeycrisp Apple

80 Calories

Total for Lunch 400 Calories

240 Calories

For afternoon snack I had a Cif Bar

250 Calories per 2. (375 for the 3 I ate

For supper I ate 3 Tacos straight from Old El Paso
Total for Supper 375

Total for the Day1565...

Looks like I can have some DESSERT!!!

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