Monday, January 17, 2011

Progress & Fit Test

After a much more productive morning run I was very excited about the progress i was seeing. I posted the RunKeeper results on facebook earlier today. I am finally excited about making some progress in my goal of running the 5k on February 26.

This evening I completed my 2nd Insanity Fit Test. After two grueling weeks I was anxious to see how much progress I had made. I was pleased to see some good progress and I wanted to take a moment to share the results. For anyone who doesn't know the Insanity Fit Test is a great measuring stick to see how you are progressing as it gives you a series of 8 exercises and  you are given a minute for each one to see how many you can complete. It is exhausting because you go as hard as you can and hope to beat your results from the
previous test.

The first time I did the fit test was Day 1 of Insanity, here are my results from day one and how I fared today..

   Exercise                        Day 1                                          Day 15
1. Switch Kicks                  74                                               100
2 Power Jacks                    45                                               58
3. Power Knees                  54                                               62
4. Power Jumps                  35                                                42
5. Globe Jumps                   11                                                12
6. Suicide Jumps                 20                                                 21
7. Push-Up Jacks                25                                                31
8. Low Plank Obliques        45                                                56

I have another 2 weeks of brutal workouts before I have my next Fit Test... But I am excited about the progress so far.

Tomorrow, I have my first Fartlek Workout and I have my old Insanity nemesis Plyometric Cardio Circuit... I will keep everyone updated...

Thanks as always for your support...

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