Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WOW I needed that

So, I had High hopes for today. I was going to run my 1.5 miles quicker than I did on Monday, then i was going to weigh-in and the scale was going to be kind and tell me I had lost 2 pounds. Hopefully I would see 201 or less. Than after a good productive day at work i was going to come home and destroy my insanity workout.

That was the plan

Unfortunately like so many plans we make life happened and things didn't go exactly as I had planned. I woke up this morning it was 28 degrees outside and it took all the gusto i could muster to even convince myself to go for the morning run. Then when i got to the track I seemed to have no endurance at all and it took 12 minutes to run/walk one mile... then I finally gave in to the freezing cold and decided I had had enough. It did not help any that Pandora radio didn't want to work this morning so in addition to being cold and miserable I had no soundtrack.

Putting the run behind me I was very hopeful for today's weigh-in. I know how hard i have worked and I was really hoping to see a 2 pound weight loss. Now I know that as you get smaller your weight loss will also be slower, and I know with all the exercise I am doing that my body can still change significantly and not necessarily result in a weight loss. Despite having that knowledge it is still kind of a let down when the numbers you see don't match the numbers you hope to see. I and not depressed I still lost a pound... But UGH! I wanted 2. That's OK still only 3 more pounds to shed.

Well with not achieving the first 2 of my fitness goals for today i did not have high expectations for my workout tonight, after all, this is the one Insanity workout that I have the most problems completing. In fact I almost always complete this workout laid out on the floor begging for mercy; winded and exhausted. Despite my low expectations I went hard, dug deep, pushed it (insert your own cliche' for worked very hard) At the end of the workout I had not only completed it, I had given maximum effort and i was still standing. Yes, the wife may think I am crazy as i was talking back to the TV and I was accepting every challenge Shaun T threw out.

I am Happy to say I feel amazing! I feel exhilarated.  Despite the other set backs... the blood pumping through my veins and the feeling of accomplishment right now makes today a success after all...

I will complete this quest... I am more determined than ever...

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