Sunday, January 16, 2011

The week that was....

As I sit here enjoying my day off from insanity and from my training for my 5k I thought it would be an appropriate time to measure the week that was and set a clear focus for the week yet to come.

As I look back on last week I can tell you I honestly gave it my all and that I tried to achieve every thing I laid out there for everyone. There some some good things, some things I still need a lot of help with. If you have followed here or have followed on Facebook you know I have been exhilarated by my Insanity workouts this week. Workouts that previously have left me all but dead now leaving me wanting more, not that I am fool hearty enough to think I could handle more. I am very pleased with my performance through the first 2 weeks of Insanity and with the way my body is adapting to the regimen.

On the other hand, I am not so pleased with the way I have performed with my running. I had scheduled myself to run 1.5 Miles 3 times last week then to have 20 Minute "easy" run on Saturday. The problem is I am struggling to complete my runs. It was extremely cold this week, and I have never ventured out in that type of cold to run before, and while that is a weak excuse it is part of my problem. Monday wasn't too bad in fact I had a little encouragement in the fact that I did complete the 1.5 miles even though there was a lot more walking mixed in than I would have liked. Wednesday was the ultimate frustration. It was 28 degrees outside and I had to poke, prod, beg, beat, and bribe myself just to get outside. Once outside I found myself focusing more on the temperature and my discomfort and less on achieving my goals. I called a merciful end to the exercise in futility after only a mile in which I didn't seem able to even run a quarter of a mile without resorting to walking and complaining.

After some advise about my focus and motivation from some avid runners who have been where I want to go I was remotivated Friday, yet still did not put up the distance or the time I was hoping. I am a little discouraged, but far from beaten.

Saturday instead of further frustrating myself I spent a beautiful morning with my family as we made a 2 mile walk along Front Beach I mixed in the occasional run as I would race my 7 year old... This was probably the best run of the week.

The other Part of the week that was a little frustrating was my conversation with the scale on Wednesday. I am so happy I lost another pound, but i feel I am working so very hard. I feel this last 10 pounds has been a MONSTER trying to lose. Again I assure everyone I am highly motivated and will not be defeated, but the battle is not easy

when i started this entry I planned to pin next weeks goals as well, but I have already typed more than I anticipated. I will make a follow up entry tonight or tomorrow laying out the game plan for the upcoming week

As always thanks to everyone for your support

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