Sunday, January 16, 2011

... the week that will be

I Previously posted about last week "the week that was". I didn't want to fail to mention the goals and schedule for the upcoming week. Originally this was all going to be one blog, but I thought it would be too long and no one would want to read it.

As I mentioned earlier The rematch with Insanity is going better than expected, but the training for the 5k has not gone as well as I hoped. It is because of these frustration that I have had serious discussions with my brother, my uncle and a co-worker all of whom have run competitively and sought advice on how to improve my performance. I also did some reading and some research on my own and with all of this advice in mind I have made a few minor modifications to my training plans.

The first change is I will not be focusing on distance the next 2 weeks but rather on time. Based on all the advice this helps with endurance because your mind is not as focused on how far it is running but instead you are just "making time". The theory is as you increase your endurance you will be covering more distance in the same amount of time. This is the advice from Runner's World

There are other changes I will be making I will cover some of those later as to not make this blog excruciatingly long to read. So with that in mind here is the schedule for the upcoming week.

Morning Run begin with 5 minute brisk walk followed by 25 Minute run walking as little as possible
Evening Insanity Fit Test 2- I will Post results here is anyone wants to see my progress

Morning Run  5 Minute Brisk walk 20 minute Fartlek Workout (will post a description on Tuesday)
Evening Insanity Plyo Circuit

Morning Run Same as Monday
Evening Insanity Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs (May Move Cardio Abs to AM after run)

Morning 45 Minute walk
Evening Insanity Cardio Recovery

Morning Run 5 Minute walk 27 minute run
Evening Insanity Cardio Power & Resistance

Morning Beach Run-
Evening Plyo Circuit

Sunday- Mercifully a day off

Of course weigh-in is on Wednesday and to keep myself from getting too disappointed I am sitting my goal at only one pound... but everyone knows I would love to see 2 or especially the last 3...

should be a fun week.. I will keep everyone updated

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